About Measure B

Vote YES on B to protect high-quality education in our local Cabrillo Unified School District schools, without increasing taxes by a single penny. Student with computers

Good local schools help make our community a desirable place to live. By keeping our Coastside schools strong, we keep our community strong. That is why your Yes vote on Measure B is essential.

Measure B renews existing, voter-approved funding for our schools that supports the keys to student success: strong academic programs and classroom instruction. This secure, stable source of funding is set to expire soon unless we pass Measure B.

Measure B continues programs that prepare students for college and careers, Advanced Placement courses and hands-on science curriculum for students. It retains skilled teachers and provides them with ongoing training to maintain strong education in our schools.

Measure B shields our schools from the instability of the state budget by securing stable, local funding that students can count on—money that will stay local and be used right here in our community to keep our schools strong.

Vote Yes on B:

  • Preserve strong academic reading, writing, math and science program
  • Retain qualified teachers and staff and provide ongoing training and professional development
  • Protect programs to keep struggling students on the right track
  • Maintain and support classroom technology
  • Keep all of the District’s schools open


Measure B includes fiscal accountability measures.

  • The independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee will continue to ensure funds are spent as promised
  • None of the funds could be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions
  • Homeowners aged 65 or older will continue to be eligible to receive an exemption
  • Measure B will expire in 5 years and cannot be renewed without voter approval


Passing Measure B will be a community-based, volunteer effort. We need at least 67% of Cabrillo Unified School District voters to vote Yes on Measure B to win. That is why we count on people like you to volunteer and give a few hours of time to support local students.

The campaign’s primary activities are phone banks and weekend neighborhood door-to-door walks to reach targeted groups of CUSD voters. By having our volunteers contact local voters directly, we can convey the critical importance of Measure B and answer voters’ questions. We can’t win without the help of volunteers participating in these important campaign activities.

Please take a moment to sign up and get involved today!

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