Support our Schools - Yes on Measure B

Welcome!  Find out more about Measure B and how you can support the campaign to help lead us to victory on Tuesday, June 3.

Measure B will keep our local schools strong—without increasing taxes by a single penny. By keeping our Coastside schools strong, we keep our community strong. That is why your Yes vote on Measure B is essential. Measure B will appear on the June 3, 2014 ballot and requires 67% of the vote to pass—every Yes on B vote will be critical.

Vote YES on B to:

  • Preserve strong academic reading, writing, math and science programs
  • Retain qualified teachers and staff
  • Protect programs to keep struggling students on the right track
  • Maintain and support classroom technology
  • Keep all of the District’s school open


Support Friends of Cabrillo Unified Schools—a committee of community volunteers committed to passing Measure B! Our primary campaign activities are phone banks and weekend neighborhood door-to-door walks.

Please visit the “Get Involved” page of this website to sign up to help today. Fill out the endorsement form to add your name to our list of supporters, or visit the “Donate” page to make a financial contribution to our volunteer-led campaign.


Passing Measure B will be a community-based, volunteer effort. We need at least 67% of Cabrillo Unified School District voters to vote Yes on Measure B to win. That is why we count on people like you to volunteer and give a few hours of time to support local students.

The campaign’s primary activities are phone banks and weekend neighborhood door-to-door walks to reach targeted groups of CUSD voters. By having our volunteers contact local voters directly, we can convey the critical importance of Measure B and answer voters’ questions. We can’t win without the help of volunteers participating in these important campaign activities.

Please take a moment to sign up and get involved today!

Click here to sign up as member of the core Focus committee

Click here to volunteer for a phone bank or precint walk.

Click here to volunteer to help in other ways.

Click here to get a lawn sign to display your support.

Click here to add your name to the endorsement page.

Click here to see the calendar of Measure B events.

Have a question? Click here to send us an email.